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About us

Synergy Elevator Group starts in the United States in 2007 with strong foundations in quality, safety, professionalism and the commitment to always give the best within the vertical transportation industry. Since the start it has been working with Nidec, a relationship that has led Synergy to have a presence in Mexico and throughout the Caribbean, developing projects and consolidating the operation.

By 2017, Synergy entered Colombia as a response to the security reforms that began to be implemented in vertical transportation in the country, being a highly competitive company, reflecting the highest standards within the industry in each of its projects. Thus, in response to the different needs of the market, Synergy makes an alliance with Cibes, also becoming an authorized distributor.

Knowledge and experience

-Technical Standard NTC 2769-1 Safety rules for the construction and installation of elevators.

-Technical Standard NTC 5926-2 Review of vertical transport systems.

-Technical Standard NTC 5926-1 Review of vertical transport systems.

-Technical Standard NTC 5926-3 Revision of electric door systems.

Why choose Synergy?

Our priority is safety, quality and reliability, with a team of trained professionals at your service. We represent the best brands and prestigious companies, with an inventory of spare parts necessary for the corrective maintenance of your equipment, maintaining the best cost-benefit ratio. We have comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs and we are experts in multi-brand, managing to maintain and modernize elevators from different companies. Additionally, we handle a non-owner philosophy, so the elevators we work with will always belong to the client.


Synergy is recognized as an industry leader, with locations in:

- Colombia

Additionally, our products and services have reached other Latin American countries such as:

-Costa rica