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New Products

-Elevators with permanent magnet synchronous motor gearless traction system with machine room.
-Elevators with traction system without synchronous motor gear of permanent magneto without machines room.
-Panoramic Elevators
-Hospital Elevators
-Forklifts and car lifts
-Electric ramps and mobile platforms.


We offer the best solutions to your needs with the maximum guarantees, totally personalized, we update your vertical transport equipment; whatever the model or brand, with modern technology that allows efficient and safe activity.
Safety is our commitment.


With the highest quality standards, Synergy Elevator Group performs preventive and corrective maintenance with the supply of original parts through technological procedures that guarantee the safety and correct operation of vertical lifting equipment.
We have highly qualified personnel and specialized diagnostic tools to solve possible failures, satisfying the needs of our customers.

Civil works

We carry out the adequacy of each of the elements required in the NTC 5926-1 standard, additionally we carry out all types of civil works, electrical, electronic and mechanical installation directed by a specialized department, in order to comply with the certification of your equipment. . This certification is mandatory and must be done annually. We support our clients from our Engineering department, with the most rigorous inspection criteria for vertical transport equipment.

Destination Dispatcher

We manage a system that is responsible for generating calls in advance to minimize waiting times and make the use of the elevator more effective.

The system features touch screens for call logging and elevator assignment, allowing for the highest degree of customization, from lobby boosting to full destination-based dispatch on all floors. just choose the system you want. .