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We operate out of The US, Colombia, and the Caribbean, and represent Nidec Corporation by installing their product packages for constructions or modernization projects.

We support our customers at every stage of each project — design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and modernization. Our elevator solutions cover commercial and residential equipment, and are affordable for any project.


State of the art vertical transportation solutions.


Carrying us between floors swiftly.

Moving Walkway

Moving people with luggage and trolleys effectively.


Keeping your equipment running at top condition and reducing breakdowns.


Why Choose Synergy

We pride ourselves as a provider of innovative and high-quality elevator solutions for new construction, maintenance, or modernization projects. As a representative of Nidec, we install their product packages and offer maintenance and upkeep for our solutions. Our team of strongly-trained and certified personnel are on hand to provide solutions to your elevator problems and needs.


We provide eco-friendly and high-quality elevators, escalators and moving corridor solutions for new constructions or modernization projects across the Caribbean and Colombia.


We represent Nidec Corporation and install their product packages. Our mission to solve problems in the vertical transport sector has seen the relationship with such a reputable organization grow over time.


We have a certified and well-trained team working on our leading technology for elevators, escalators and moving corridors. They will solve your equipment problems and needs quickly and efficiently.


Safety code compliance is at the core of our focus. The goal is supported by complete packages and component certificates. Additionally, we stick to the relevant approved health and safety regulations. The solutions we offer ensure confidence and security for the user.


The high-quality solutions we provide are innovative and affordable for your needs or problems. Our team will work with you within your budget at every stage of the project to deliver an excellent solution.


We offer a leading technology based on the highest security standards in the vertical transport industry. Our solutions are designed to ensure comfort and stability that warrants confidence for the user.

Synergy Elevator Group

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We offer innovative and cost-effective solutions for elevators, escalators and moving corridors. As a representative of Nidec Corporation in Colombia and the Caribbean, we install their product packages, and provide high-quality solutions and maintenance for new constructions or modernization projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve been operating out of Colombia and the Caribbean since 2017, and have been growing our list of clients and valued customers ever since. We’ve successfully completed high-profile jobs to great companies in the regions.
We represent Nidec Corporation, and install their product packages. Nidec is the world’s leading comprehensive motor manufacturer. They produce state-of-the-art equipment for the vertical transport sector to be installed and maintained by Synergy Elevator group.
Contact our team and we will connect you with our strongly-trained and certified technical personnel that will guide you in each stage of your project.

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